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47 minutes ago
Hey! I'm back! Again. I'm gonna be hosting a game stream today,
with the absolutely mouse-tastic...
1 hour ago
The Kura finale has started. It has one pred already in the Doc version of the Kura saga. As...
5 hours ago
Good thing it's got 8 More lives.

So out of curiosity, has anyone actually found an artist they...
9 hours ago
Woohoo! Hey everyone! I finally regained my spark, and I apologize for it taking so long, I had a...
9 hours ago
Alright since I feel like the last entry went super long even if I did try my best to summarize the...
9 hours ago
So since Christmas is nearly here, I figured I should update this blog ^^. So nearly all of the...
11 hours ago
Alright well i've been holding it off for awhile but this is my attempt to flesh out one of my oc's...
13 hours ago
December marks the 17th anniversary of the Vore Cafe on Tapestries MUCK. It is the oldest still...
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1 year ago
Hello, I am at Furfright now! ...
[ More ... ]
1 year ago
I am going to be at Anthrocon until Monday, so that means I won't be here except randomly....
[ More ... ]
2 years ago
Leapocalypse is fixed on all servers. You can return to work....
[ More ... ]
3 years ago
I have not been here to respond or continue with the updates in over a week, and will continue to be mostly away until next Tuesday. However hopefully after that I will be back and will be able to resume. The first order of business is going to be posting a list of recent and future plans for enhancements. After that, I have six projects which will need the assistance of artists and a story author....
[ More ... ]
4 years ago
Work on the Proof-of-Concept implementation for G4 is coming along more rapidly now, its essentially usable from a non-artist perspective....
[ More ... ]
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You have no desire to so much as touch the turd-girl, let alone struggle with it, and it doesn't...
in Intergalactic Innards 5 days ago
You start off where a lot of unknown protagonists do, in the bathroom! You are a slave aboard a...
Felix Lance Falkon was an gay erotic artist and author. See my thread about him here;...
in The Island 7 days ago
This is my first story on Eka's portal, 2nd interactive I have worked on (First was on
in Vore Zoo 7 days ago
The man nods. Reticulated pythons it is then. They don't get any bigger than the ones we raised. He...
in Vore Zoo 7 days ago
"I hope you enjoy your tour in the Vore Zoo." She hits a button on the keyboard and...
in Vore Zoo 7 days ago
After only a few minutes in the forest you find yourself in a clearing with a cave at one end,...
in Vore Zoo 7 days ago
A sharp pleasure from your hand wakes you. You jump up and find a wolf has bitten your hand. there...
in Vore Zoo 8 days ago
You decide to keep licking at her tender flower until she wants you to stop. But by the looks of it...
in Vore Zoo 9 days ago
You take a nice long inhale, savoring her sweet scent. Her feminine musk overpowering your senses...
in Vore Zoo 11 days ago
You admire her beautiful pink slit piercing straight through her snow white fur and inhale her...
Twilight was sitting on
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