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1 hour ago
coloring and fixing up older sketches that people wanted to see re-done.
3 hours ago
Hi everyone, Hope you guys enjoy tonight.

Stay safe. ...
5 hours ago
Not too bad a number of submissions, but with a computer down, this year will be much leaner than...
8 hours ago
Just wishing you guys a happy halloween hope you have fun this night.

If youre interested i did a...
10 hours ago
For, you guessed it, Computer repair. make sure a future problem doesn't occur. My laptops...
11 hours ago
Pumpkins for one and all!
This red, black and orange fall
For today is the day of creeps
Ghouls and...
16 hours ago
So I was wondering if any of my watchers would have a preference on a Fossil Pokemon I brought in to...
17 hours ago
Hope y'all have some pretty cool stuff going on. The weather's gonna be shit tonight, so I'll prolly...
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1 year ago
Hello, I am at Furfright now! ...
[ More ... ]
1 year ago
I am going to be at Anthrocon until Monday, so that means I won't be here except randomly....
[ More ... ]
2 years ago
Leapocalypse is fixed on all servers. You can return to work....
[ More ... ]
3 years ago
I have not been here to respond or continue with the updates in over a week, and will continue to be mostly away until next Tuesday. However hopefully after that I will be back and will be able to resume. The first order of business is going to be posting a list of recent and future plans for enhancements. After that, I have six projects which will need the assistance of artists and a story author....
[ More ... ]
3 years ago
Work on the Proof-of-Concept implementation for G4 is coming along more rapidly now, its essentially usable from a non-artist perspective....
[ More ... ]
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You chose the left one. Deric grumbles about your choice but must obey even though you two have...
A daring feat was accomplished by both you, a highly decorated general of the Wardarnian Alliance,...
You both agree to go through the Dark Forrest. You walk through the forest with a strange sense of...
You go the long way around the Dark Forrest of Arregentia. You make it to Wardarna in a few days...
in Vore Livecam 13 hours ago
Next thing to do for you is pleasure her. You stuff your tongue in her cunt and do some hand action...
in Vore Livecam 13 hours ago
You two got your clothes off and got started. First thing happening is she going down on you.
in Vore Livecam 13 hours ago
To much script would be boring, so you just settle who'll vore who.
in Vore Livecam 13 hours ago
You finally convinced Alice and start your first stream that evening! After you set up for all the...
in Vore Livecam 13 hours ago
You and your friend Alice have found out that your sharing sort of the same interests, something...
in Vore Livecam 13 hours ago
You will not decide everything just yet, everything will be affected by your decision later on. ...
in new shrinking 14 hours ago
you decide to stay where you are and after a few minutes your friend comes in "matt?!" he...
in new shrinking 14 hours ago
Ed comes in "Matt?!" he shouts as he walks past you, his boots nearly landing ontop of...
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